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What are the advantages of a mid-size executive search firm such as M&F compared to smaller or large, national firms?

    As a mid-sized firm, we offer the best possible combination of the hands-on personal service of a small firm and the geographic reach, research and support resources promised by the largest firms.

    We have the professional research and support resources that most small firms either do not possess or obtain through sub-contractors. Our clients are assured that their search will be handled by a professional team with a history of success working together.

    The largest firms, which may have previously served most of a new client's competitors, face significant off-limits and conflict of interest issues. The unfortunate response to this fact is that many large firms have both shortened the term and drastically narrowed the scope of their off-limits policies, sometimes to the point that they have become meaningless. Since we limit the number of clients we serve in an industry, we avoid this problem.

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What are the advantages of general practice compared to specialty search firms?

    As a general practice firm, M&F has minimal off-limits and conflict of interest issues. We are experienced at problem-solving in a wide range of industry and functional settings. Our success is made possible by our professional research capabilities and superior search methodology that allow us to quickly develop custom solutions to each client's unique search problems.

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Why is the firm's off-limits policy important?

    The firm's ability to access the best candidates may be significantly limited if it has a large number of potential source organizations on its off-limits list. Also, the firm should clearly address the duration and scope of its off-limits policy regarding the client organization. M&F's clear and unequivocal hands-off policy will give assurance that sensitive information developed during a search will not be used to facilitate recruitment of client employees for other searches the firm may be conducting.

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What issues should the off-limits policy address?

  • How long the individual placed is off-limits for other searches the firm may conduct.

  • How long other employees of the client organization are off limits.

    Our policy is that the candidate placed is hands-off as long as employed by the client. The client organization, including all subsidiaries and divisions, is hands-off for two years from the date of our last engagement.

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What is the firm's candidate guarantee policy?

    If, within one year of the date of hire, a candidate we have placed leaves the client voluntarily, or is terminated for cause, we will do a search for a replacement on a no fee, expenses only basis.

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