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    Structured, Phased Approach To Search Planning And Execution

    We employ a proven methodology with specific objectives at each phase of the search. At the outset of each engagement, we discuss timetables and key recruiting issues. When possible, we pre-schedule key meetings. At least weekly, we update our client on our progress and review any search issues. We typically schedule face-to-face meetings at least every 30 days.

    Phase 1 - Briefing & Research

    Through consultation with as many client executives and employees as necessary, we determine the background, experience and personal characteristics that candidates should possess. We conduct in-depth research into source organizations to identify the best prospects.

· Determine and define client requirements
· Develop detailed written recruitment profile
· Develop comprehensive list of potential source organizations
· Prepare and present a detailed report of our research findings

Phase 2 - Candidate Development

The best prospects often have little or no interest in pursuing a new opportunity when first approached. Curiosity may be their only motive for exploring the situation. In this phase, we need to focus more on selling than evaluating. Candidate development continues until the search is completed.

· Initiate contact with prospective candidates and sources
· Conduct preliminary screening evaluations
· Develop prospects' interest in the position
· Review and discuss candidate development results with client

Phase 3 - Evaluation and Selection

Thoroughly evaluate candidates' qualifications, accomplishments, leadership skills and personal characteristics.

· Conduct face-to-face interviews with best prospects
· Prepare written reports on best candidates
· Verify credentials and educational background
· Schedule client interviews
· "360 degree" reference checks (superiors, peers and subordinates)
· Select best candidate

Phase 4 - Completion and Search Close-Out

Facilitate hiring the selected candidate.

· Discuss and plan the best closing approach
· Assist with structuring and extending the offer
· Special attention to relocation and other personal issues
· Hire the desired candidate
· Ensure candidate's smooth transition into the client's organization
· "Close out" other candidates and prospects in a professional manner

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