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    Micro Computer Systems
    Personal Computers
    High Performance PC Board Products
    Information Systems Consulting
    Microcomputer Products Distribution
    Health Maintenance Organization
    Cardiovascular Technology Products
    Personal Computers & Electronic Office Products
    Off-Price Retail
    Newspaper Publishing
    Mining Equipment
    Managed Healthcare
    Mobile Lifestyle Accessories
    Real Estate Development
    Major Medical Group

    Director (Generalist)

    Information Systems Consulting
    Semiconductor & Computer Electronics Distribution
    Medical Diagnostic Services
    Consumer Communication Products
    Commercial & Aerospace Fasteners
    Industrial Pumps
    Oilfield Services
    Newspaper Publishing
    Automotive Retailing
    Mining Equipment

    Director (Specialist)

    Biopharmaceuticals (Compensation & Benefits)
    Aerospace & Components (Compensation)
    Healthcare IT Services (Compensation & Benefits)
    Printers and Digital Imaging (Benefits)
    Borate Mining (Labor Relations)
    Supermarkets (Training & Development)
    Semiconductor Devices (Staffing)
    Oilfield Services (Benefits)
    Oilfield Services (Employee Relations)
    Financial IT Services (Training)
    Electronic Components Distribution (Training & Development)
    Automotive Manufacturing (Organization Development)
    Commercial Publishing (Staffing & Employee Relations)
    Computer Disk Drives (Compensation)


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